Meanwhile, at the Medical Doctor.
-“Hey Doc. I’m 5’7, i’m 32 years old and i’ve had 3 kids. What should my ideal weight be?”
– ” Well that’s easy. It’s 5x the diameter of your hand divided by 7x 1/5 of your Ulna.”
-“That’ll be 100 dollars. 

Ok. Maybe i’m exaggerating a bit (some might think i’m not). But aren’t Diets becoming more and more complicated…and expensive?

Here are 8 reasons why starting a Paleo Lifestyle will be the simplest, best thing you can do for yourself,your body,  your mental well-being and your wallet!

#8: Say Goodbye to feeling hungry

 Eating food that’s natural will give you all the proteins, fats and carbs your body needs. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied. Simple enough!

#7:No need to read food labels.

Eating natural and healthy should NEVER EVER involve math or fancy scientific names. They are all real single-ingredient foods. No more counting calories or grams of sugar!!

#6 Variety of foods is HUGE.

Yes you will give up Pasta and Breads. But the list of things you will eat will keep you more than satisfied!  There are probably things you’ve never even tried. My wife made Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies once….and they were very good! (Maybe i’ll post the recipe soon on our Facebook page).

#5 So easy to prepare a meal a Caveman can do it…Literally! 

It doesn’t get easier. Start with a meat or fish. Add one or two types of vegetables. Eat Fats as you want. My favorite fats are avocados and nuts for salads and  coconut oil for cooking. Saturated fats are natural, trans fats are not!

#4 It’s not “more” Expensive.

This has to be the number one excuse for people not doing Paleo. Let me say this one more time, eating PALEO will actually save you money! It’s easy to find too, I was surprised how much Paleo food I was able to get at my local grocery store for less than I used to spend on groceries.

#3 No more Junk Food Cravings. 

Your body prefers real food if given the option. Once you jump off the processed carbohydrate bandwagon, your body will stop bugging you for chips and cookies.

#2 You’ll eat colorful foods

Colorful foods on your plate makes it seem more delicious, it also means foods are full of nutrients and flavor.

#1 You’ll Never Have to Diet again!

Eating Paleo will finally free you from all of the dieting you’ve put yourself through. You can stop counting carbs, calories and fat grams forever. As long as you stick to natural food, you will turn into that hot cavewoman or caveman you’ve always wanted to. Your body will look, feel and function much better.

“If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food.”

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There was a man taking a morning walk around the beach on a beautiful Sunday morning. He saw that along with the morning tide came hundreds of starfish. He also saw that when the tide receded the starfish would be left behind under the sun rays and die. The man decided to pick them up, one by one and throw them back to the ocean. 

Another man saw what he was doing and asked, “What are you doing? There are hundreds of starfish ? How can you help? What difference does it make? “

The first man did not reply,took two more steps,  picked up another starfish, threw it back to the water and said “It makes a difference to this one.” 

How many times have you heard, “What difference does it make”?  I bet dozens of times!
Better yet, how many times have you told this to yourself ?  I bet hundreds!

Think about how you usually respond to a question like this. Most of us, including myself, just give up at the possibility of not really knowing if we are making a difference. We make excuses for ourselves.

We decide not to eat an apple today because we know we’re going out for pizza tomorrow night, so what difference does it make. We choose to stay at home where it’s comfortable instead of playing outside with our dogs because…heck..what difference does it make. We sometimes decide not to go to the gym that day, i mean…”we all need a break”…what difference does it make if I miss the gym today. Got a chiropractic adjustment today?…I’ll just reschedule for next week….what difference does it make. Maybe I can just give my kids Nyquil so they can fall asleep faster instead of reading them a story……the doctor said it’s “safe”.

The man in that story could’ve stopped picking up starfish, head home and enjoy the rest of his Sunday. He decided not to.

He chose to make a little change, he chose to make a little difference for that starfish, for himself!

Think of 5 things you have made an excuse for not doing. Write them down. Now, promise yourself today that those 5 “little” things you’ve stopped doing will start getting done from now on! You will see how those little five changes will create an incredible difference in your life.

Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” -Bikram Choudhury

Kid: “What do you think it will be like when you are 100 years old?

Mom:”Oh Goodness! I hope I don’t live that long!”
Mom:”If you’re that old, you would just HURT so much and you would not be able to get around. It would just be miserable.”

We’ve all heard someone say it. Heck, maybe this has come out of your mouth.

I mean, why would we want to live to 100, if by 50 our body has already broken down?

“Stats and studies” show how your body starts degrading after the age of 30. Yes, you read it right…30!

What if I told you there is a way to stall the process? Now don’t get me wrong, I know we will all die…someday, I know the body gets old…someday. But the level, rate and that “someday” can be determined by me…By You!

My dream, and I tell this to every patient of mine, is to be 100 years young, in a yacht drinking piña coladas somewhere in Puerto Rico, enjoying my family and in good health! I don’t want to be 60, in a nursing home, full of medications, with a couple of surgeries and alone.

Your dream might be a bit different from mine, you might not like Piña Coladas or maybe you don’t like the sea. But I’m sure we share the overall idea, we want to be healthy enough to enjoy life, healthy enough to enjoy your family, healthy enough to still thrive…even at 100. Especially at 100!

On my next blog posts I will start sharing all i’ve learned from experience, research, trials and errors on my quest to reach my dream. I’ve concluded there are four essentials to reach those goals (Remember the Trojan Horse?) :

1)A Healthy Nervous System; it literally controls EVERYTHING in your body.

2)Paleo Diet; our ancestors had it right.

3)Exercise; Crossfit is my method of choice.

4)Healthy-Positive Thoughts and Attitude; not to be confused with tree hugging.

These four “Trojan Horse Essentials” are the powerful changes we can make for ourselves to beat those stats and studies we talked about before.

“What do you think it will be like when you are 100 years YOUNG?”

“Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done. “- Louis D Brandeis

According to myth,  the Greek had been at war with Troy for over ten years. And for over ten years the Greek kept losing battles. “It’s just IMPOSSIBLE to penetrate the Trojan walls” they murmured.

They attacked with all they had, their best warriors, best archers, they used magic and technology but nothing worked. Then they invented catapults…and they all agreed, “Victory surely will be ours.” Yet, they lost again.

Then one day, a young man named Odysseus came up with a plan.
“Let’s attack from the inside-out.”

Odysseus came up with a clever way to get a select few of his men inside Trojan walls by building a giant wooden horse. Trojans believed this horse to be a victory trophy and pulled it into their city while the greek “fled-away.”

The myth goes on to say that in the middle of the night, the Greek “SWAT-Team” came out of the horse inside the impossible walls, allowed the rest of the Greek army to get in and conquered the Trojans. All from the inside-out.

Just how many “impossible” battles have you been fighting lately?

Every day at my office I hear people saying they want to get “better”, they want to be “healthy”, but …. (insert any kind of excuse you want here).

I’ve heard them all: My parents have the same condition, it must be hereditary, I’m on my 6th different medication, this brand new meds my doc gave me “should” work,  I’m going for my 4th surgery so they can finally “fix” it…or the most common, “there’s nothing that can be done about it now, I’ll just have to deal with it.”

What if I told you the approach we’ve used for hundreds of years on health is completely wrong?!

Think about it.Every year they come out with the best Vaccine, the very best-latest surgery, a pill for everything from a sore earlobe to preventing AIDs. Yet the numbers on disease, obesity, diabetes, heart attack and cancer keep on the rise!

Why not take the Greek approach? Inside-Out Health. Why not go inside the “impossible” and make it Possible.
Your Body, from the inside, has all the tools to keep you healthy. Why not unleash those tools?

On this blog I will be sharing everything I’ve learned while leading my patients to a life of true health, from the inside-out.

I invite you to follow me, comment, challenge me and share me. But let’s agree to two things:

1)The Greek were pretty cool.

2)What’s wrong is not the disease; but our approach towards it.

What impossible are you looking to make possible?

I went to my regular bank last week to deposit my check, but to my surprise the check wasn’t showing online. I gave it two days. Still nothing. So I call my bank and let them know about it.

“I’m so sorry sir, we made the deposit in the wrong back account. This only happens 0.1% of the time.”

WOW! It only happens 0.1% of the time! Now those are really good odds; but they still affected me.

That made me think what else can happen when things are functioning at 99.9% efficiency. This is what I found.

At 99.9% efficiency:

  1. 22,000 checks will be deposited into the wrong bank account every hour.
  2. 12 babies will be given to the wrong parents each day
  3. 2,488,200 books will be delivered with the wrong covers each month
  4. 18,322 pieces of mail will be mishandled per hour
  5. 2 planes will land unsafely at O’Hare Airport in Chicago per day
  6. 107 incorrect medical procedures will be performed per day

Which organs and tissues are sick (and even dying) within your body if you only have 99.9% of your nerve flow working properly?

You deserve 100% of your nerve flow. You deserve to be 100% subluxation free. You deserve to have your body working at 100%……100% of the time!!!

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” ~Thomas Edison~

The weather is getting cooler, leaves are starting to change, outdoor concerts are being promoted everywhere and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is out in Starbucks. All of these things are signs for us that the Fall (and football season) is starting. But for big pharmacies, it means one thing: Flu Season.

You’ve probably seen it at your local pharmacy, signs and ads about the flu shot, each one battling the other on where you can get it for cheaper. Doesn’t it seem odd that every time you get the “preventive” flu shot….YOU GET THE FLU!

There has to be a better, proven to be effective, way to protect yourself from the flu this season. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Vitamin D – It is a well known fact that this vitamin will boost your immune system by enhancing the strength of white blood cells which fight off invaders-like the flu. Best thing about it is that vitamin D is FREE! Yes, you can get it from the sun. Spend some time outside this season and you will get the protection needed and proven to fight off the flu.
  2. Power Foods- Oranges and tangerines (full of vitamin C which boosts Immune System), grains (full of Vitamin E which boosts Immune System), Garlic (offers antioxidants and selenium which fights off invaders), Almonds and lime beans (contain Zinc, a mineral which increases production of white blood cells. Almond milk is a great source of Vit. D also).
  3. Exercise –
  • When you exercise, your body speeds up the rate at which it removes waste products. Meaning more bacteria and foreign particles will be flushed from your lungs faster.
  •  Exercise speeds up your heart rate, meaning more white cells will circulate your body a lot faster.
  •  Exercise raises your body temperature. Many invading particles and bacteria can not survive on high temperatures.
  •  Exercise reduces stress, and stress can prevent your body from working at 100%
  •  See a trend here. It’s all about allowing your Immune System to do its job!

Quick Question. What controls your Immune System?   You guessed it. Your Nervous System.

Without a healthy Nervous System all of these tips are just as useless as a flu vaccine.  Your Nervous System is the one that makes sure Vitamin D, C,  and E do the job they are capable of doing.  It makes sure white blood cells are taken to the exact location the disease is at. So to better prevent the flu this season, just make sure your Nervous System is working at 100%.  How can we make sure of that?


Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself-Andre Gide

I love being a Chiropractor. About two months ago a new patient stepped into my office looking for jaw pain relief. As I talked to her on her first visit I asked her what were some of her major health goals.

Is it running a 5k race or maybe a marathon? Is it playing with your kids or grandkids without any pain? Is it fitting into those jeans you used to wear in college?

This patient just wanted to be healthier (and maybe lose some weight along the way). She knew she had let herself go a bit, but now decided that she wanted to start taking care of herself again. She said she BELIEVED she didn’t have to be her age and be unhealthy, like most of our society is.

Believe that Nothing is too good to be true.

One of the toughest but important things about getting healthy is believing you can do it. Believing your life can be exactly what you had dreamed off.

Watching the Biggest Loser, (yeah i’ve gotten hooked on that show too, haha) I’ve learned that most of the fight is in your head. When you WANT it, when you BELIEVE it can be done, it WILL GET DONE!  Isn’t it amazing how we much control we can have over our health?

My practice member above had found relief from her jaw pain a little after a week of getting chiropractic care. She continued with my best recommendations of Corrective care to make sure the body was functioning at 100% so she could meet her goals. Now I need to tell you this, a  week ago I got a very excited phone call.

“I’m off of my Blood Pressure Medications! “

This patient started working out, she started eating properly, she started making sure her Nervous System (which controls Blood Pressure) was working at 100% but the first thing she did was BELIEVE her life could improve. It all starts with Believing!

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future (and health) in someone else’s hands, but not you.”  ~Jim Rohn~

Believe you can live life at 100% ?

A couple of years ago a friend of mine invited me to accompany her to a Farmers Market. Due to boredom, I accepted; little did I know my life would change that day. I saw this big red tent with the words CHIROPRACTOR on the front. Now, you guys probably had heard that word before, but not me. I talked to the doctor that day and he told me two stats that made me think……. a lot!

1)  Did you know we are only 5% of the world’s population, but still consume 85% of all the drugs produced in the world??

2)  Did you know, that out of the 50 most developed countries in the world we rank number 37 in health!!!

Growing up I’ve been  working on a dream I had from a young age. I wanted to be the ShortStop for the New York Yankees. When I realized I wasn’t going to grow to be 6’4 my dream shifted a bit,  I  started pursuing the life of an Orthopedic Doctor ;but not any Orthopedic Doctor. Nope, I wanted to be the Ortho doc for the New York Yankees. That day, talking to that chiropractor, everything changed. I didn’t want to be a part of the medical model anymore. I didn’t want to continue or help this trend of health America was going through. I decided that day I wanted to help lead people into what real health is, in a natural drugless way.

I learned that your Nervous System is the Master Controller in your body. And guess what? Your Nervous System wants to take care of you. It wants to make sure EVERYTHING in the body is working at 100%. It makes sure your heart is doing its job in pumping enough blood to the body, it also makes sure you don’t get headaches, it even allows you to wiggle your big toe. All of these things are done and controlled through your Nervous System.

Wouldn’t it be smart to check and make sure your Nervous System is working at 100%?

Through this blog I will be posting numerous Health Tips i’ve learned from experience that will allow you to become a better healthier version of you. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people reach their optimal potential.

Ready to live life at 100%?

By: Dr. Sam Clavell